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Circumstances are right for meaningful and fundamental change in the world of work. But what will that change look like – and what role will HR play in it?

The Great Work Reset outlines how HR and people leaders can help work to become radically better.

When the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the global world of work, throwing business leaders everywhere into prolonged periods of radical uncertainty, The People Space and Open University Business School (OUBS) came together to develop this resource to facilitate the sharing of collective learning and expertise between practitioner and academic communities.

The People Space is a digital content creator and curator simplifying the trends and technologies underpinning the future of work so HR and people leaders can best prioritise their actions and budget for most success. The triple accredited Open University Business School has been a pioneer in flexible supported distance learning for over 30 years, and delivers transformational, high quality business and management education and research.

Join the conversation. It’s the topic that keeps evolving, and at pace!

"Most large organisations are finely tuned to meet the challenges they faced 20 years ago. This mindset does need to change"

Mark Fenton-O'Creevy, professor of organisational behaviour at Open University Business School

Introduction: The Great Work Reset

What is the Great Work Reset and why should HR and people leaders get involved? The COVID-19 pandemic has turned many of our ideas about work upside down. But which of the changes will stick – and can be make the future of work a positive one? Read more...

Resetting Equality in Work

The pandemic has exposed just how deep inequalities run in society. We must seize this opportunity to re-evaluate and reset equality in work – and HR has a pivotal role to play. This is how HR leaders can help to create a more inclusive and equal future of work. Read more...

Resetting Trust in Work

Building a culture of trust isn’t a ‘nice to have’ – stakeholders today expect it. But the pandemic has shown that, when the chips are down, not all businesses live up to their purpose statements. To reset trust in work HR should hold up the mirror to their organisations. Read more...

Resetting Capitalism

Capitalism as we know it is unsustainable. It is financially unstable, bad for the environment and politically unpopular. An increasing number of voices, including some of the world's most powerful leaders, are calling for business and society to align their mission, vision and rewards for the common good. How can organisations step up and play their part in this transformation? Read more...

Resetting the Workplace

With organisations across the world committing to more flexible working, what role should the office, plant or other work location now play? And how can organisations ensure that reimagined workspaces empower the individual and put employee wellbeing at their heart while being used in an intentional way? It’s all about ‘we space’ not ‘me space’. Read more...

Resetting Human Work 

The future of work is a choice – organisations can choose to reset work in ways that disempower or in ways that offer a more empowering future for their people. How can organisations reset to ‘human’ work – empowering the individual by preparing them to work alongside machines doing work that only humans can? Read more...

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